The Fall of Rydon Bridge

Our Home

Rydon was our home. It kept us out of trouble and kept us away from fear. It kept us sane in our darkest hours and shone light througt the clouds. Rydon was home to the weak and poor and frail. It was owned by no one and everybody kept it alive. That was until recently.

The bridge that held Rydon up has starting fading to dust. Cracks were forming all over it. It was disappearing. You adventurers will have to find why, how and what you could do to stop it. There will be peril death and misery. But the fate of Rydon is in your hands. So march on to victory!

The Town of Rydon

A hex map showing six locations. 

1. Rydon West Refugee Port

2. The Rydon Monument

3. Rydon South Trade Dock

4. The Melting Cliffs

5. Dock of Leeches

6. Rydon Communal Tavern